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Why do People Laugh at Creationists? July 1, 2008

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Why do people laugh at creationists?
Only creationists don’t know why.

There is the punch line to a great series of 24 (so far) videos on YouTube entitled “Why do people laugh at creationists?” by a YouTube poster called Thunderf00t.  They highlight the very worst logic that creationists have to offer and offer well thought out and insightful counterarguments to the nonsense.  


Brad Harrub Presentations – Part 2 May 31, 2008

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Finally (lol) continuing on from Part 1, the second nights presentation was introduced by this statement:

one of the things evolution really needs is lots and lots of time

This was to be the premise of the entire nights discussion, where Harrub essentially took the approach that if he could demonstrate evolution did not have sufficient time then it must be false. To do so he makes a long list of points, which I will list and briefly respond to below but first he makes a rather curious point.


Brad Harrub Presentations – Part 1 May 3, 2008

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Hi all

Apologies that it’s a bit (i.e a LOT) delayed but here is my summary of Brad Harrub’s presentations on young earth creationism given in Palmerston North on the 20th-23rd April 2008. Dwayne Bryant (unsure of spelling), a colleague of Harrub’s, also presented over the four nights but his discussion mostly focused on painting atheists in a bad light and such arguments don’t merit much response – even if he could demonstrate atheists were the worst people in the world, correlation does not equal causality and the nature of the person who states an opinion has no bearing on it’s truth. As it happened he failed completely to demonstrate atheists are any worse (or better) than Christians so the point is irrelevant.

This post covers the first night. The others will follow hopefully fairly quickly. (more…)

Creationist Nonsense April 15, 2008

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Just a quick plug for Expelled Exposed website which exposes the nonsense behind this seemingly ridiculous movie:

In other news I’ll be attending some presentations by a relatively obscure young earth creationist and bible literalist Brad Harrub next week. It promises to be amusing/painful, especially after listening to this discussion. Aside from a promising start it goes badly downhill to the usual young earth nonsense.

I’ll post more about how the presentations go. I am particularly interested to see how kiwis respond to it.