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Rights and Insults September 9, 2010

Posted by Ian in Morality, Skepticism.

I’m way overdue to write something on the blog so here is a little rant about rights and insults that’s been circulating in my mind the last few days.

One thing that I find myself differing with a lot of fellow skeptics and atheists is notions of rights and insults.  A lot of this has come out of the discussions about the proposed mosque at ground zero but it seems to me skeptics have a blindspot when it comes to talking about rights to free speech, rights to avoid harm, rights to shelter and so forth. (more…)

Skeptical Analysis of the Woolrest Biomag June 29, 2010

Posted by Ian in Pseudoscience, Skepticism.
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Just over a year ago I had an article published in the New Zealand Skeptic magazine about the Woolrest Biomag underlays.  I found the original that I submitted on my harddrive today, which is longer and more detailed than the published version.  It is an opinion piece based on my analysis and follow up of the claims made about the Woolrest Biomag on their website as of January 2009.  I have not updated it in any way other than to recheck the links from the original (and added a couple of notes in orange relating to these).  A quick look at their website suggests little has changed since January 2009.  I emailed this article to the Woolrest Biomag people twice and got no response. 


Change of focus June 21, 2010

Posted by Ian in Skepticism.

Up until now I have focused this blog almost exclusively on atheism related topics despite holding a broader skeptical viewpoint of the world.  However in recent times I have found my priorities shifting towards skepticism in general and away from religious issues.  I have decided that in order keep the blog going I would be better off expanding the topic base and to talk about other skeptical topics in addition to those relating to religion. (more…)