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The Value of Value March 6, 2012

Posted by Ian in Miscellaneous, Morality.
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One thing I am increasingly coming to realise is that so much of human interaction rests on the notions of value.  In this post I am going to explore the origin of values in the labelling of things and how seeing the world from an external point of view can totally change your view on life. (more…)

Empty cultural norms June 29, 2011

Posted by Ian in Morality.
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I’ve realised for a while now that the notion of being or giving insult is an utterly bizarre idea with nothing behind it except habit.  A natural extension of this is realising that a number of things we take for granted as being both necessary and good in society are equally empty, particularly including manners and apologising.  I also think there is an analogy between religion and these concepts.


Fearing the Consequences of Relative Morality May 1, 2011

Posted by Ian in Morality.

There seems to be a common argument against relative (or non-objective) morality which basically involves saying it is wrong because if it was true it would be chaotic or bad or somehow different to what we see around us.  One almost gets a sense from some arguments like this that it is something to be afraid of. (more…)

Science and Morality April 12, 2011

Posted by Ian in Morality.
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Sam Harris’s book and recent debate with William Lane Craig have re-opened my thinking on moral evaluation and I have come to realise there seems to be a substantial “blind spot” in this discussion. (more…)

Rights and Insults September 9, 2010

Posted by Ian in Morality, Skepticism.

I’m way overdue to write something on the blog so here is a little rant about rights and insults that’s been circulating in my mind the last few days.

One thing that I find myself differing with a lot of fellow skeptics and atheists is notions of rights and insults.  A lot of this has come out of the discussions about the proposed mosque at ground zero but it seems to me skeptics have a blindspot when it comes to talking about rights to free speech, rights to avoid harm, rights to shelter and so forth. (more…)

The Nature of Morality November 25, 2009

Posted by Ian in Morality.

Continuing on from my previous post I thought I’d offer my thoughts on the nature of morality.

Often discussions of morality focus on whether or not morality is objective or subjective but I am starting to realise this discussion is poorly framed.  We need to approach morality with a robust understanding of exactly what we are talking about and not just with vague nebulous concepts.  (more…)

Why don’t atheists kill? October 17, 2009

Posted by Ian in Morality.

Wow it has been a chaotic last 2 months!  This post has been in the back of my mind since I got back from my trip and that was a long time ago – a lot longer than I thought actually!

In this post I want to address one of the common arguments about morality against the atheistic position.