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About Me

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Ian Luxmoore and I am a kiwi atheist, skeptic and Bright. My world view is built around the notion that resorting to the supernatural to explain what we see around us is a weak cop out from having to actually figure things out and accept them as they are. I am quite comfortable asserting there is no god, there are no fairies, there are no psychic abilities, there is no afterlife, there are no ghosts, there are no aliens visiting us in flying saucers, there is nothing to homeopathy, humans do not have energy chakras, and so on. It is not that I have 100% confidence in any of those statements but the fact remains that when you critically evaluate the evidence, there is no reason to suppose any of these statements are false. They really have no more credibility than Bertrand Russel’s teapot or the flying spaghetti monster or fairies at the bottom of the garden. We can’t rule them out but that isn’t a useful position – we have no reason to rule them in.

My background is a rather unusual one. I grew up in a family which never really discussed religious issues one way or the other, and drifted into spiritualist kind of deism that I made up in my mind. However I never really looked into it much until I started having a few discussions with friends I met at university about religion and so forth when I started to realise that making up answers to questions with no basis in observation or science, while largely harmless, was simply wrong.  I started reading on the topic and soon came to realise these weren’t new issues – and some of the greatest minds of all time had dedicated time to such questions.  I started to realise it was still a hot topic today, and I also started noticing the influence that religion has on numerous aspects of life, with no basis whatsoever!  The more I read, the more blogs I discovered, and the more I started participating in these things, the more I realised that quiet skepticism wasn’t enough either.  So many people out there simply don’t think about these things and consciousness raising is a worthwhile pursuit.  A blog, while a meagre start, is the beginning of my attempts to make a difference.

My main influences include Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Daniel Dennett, Michael Shermer, James Randi, Phil Plait, Christopher Hitchens, David Attenburough, Jonathan Miller and many others.  I hope in some small way I can add to the brilliance these people already add to the world.

The key topics that interest me are religion and the use of energy concepts in pseudoscience.  I am currently working on a long term project (probably a book) in the latter. 

In my other life (the day one lol) I am lecturing Policy Analysis techniques as part of the Resource and Environmental Planning degree at Massey University while pursuing my PhD in Ecological Economics under the New Zealand Centre for Ecological Economics.  The topic of my research is A macroeconomic exergy model of New Zealand.  That isn’t a spelling mistake; exergy is a measure of how useful a particular energy source is and is what most people actually mean when they use the term energy with respect to what we pay for, use, and are running out of… 

I hope you enjoy my writings, and please comment!


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