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Bus Campaign Hits NZ December 11, 2009

Posted by Ian in Religion.
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The atheist bus campaign has finally made New Zealand after it’s high profile beginnings in the UK and subsequent uptake across the US and other countries.  I am in support of the campaign in New Zealand.  Many religious opponents claim it is proselytising but it is more about bringing the debate to the surface in a country that is largely secular. 

The ad says “There is probably no god.  Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The New Zealand campaign is being run from this website and so far donations are nearly 9k which is pretty impressive for half a days work.  They have already revised their initial target from 10k to 20k on the basis of the high level of donations.

There is a news item on stuff here.  There is also a poll on Stuff which crudely asks “Is there a god?” and as of lunchtime today had 65.3% of over 11,000 votes saying no.  Given the way it is worded, that is a very high number.

Also there was a spot on breakfast this morning here.  The journalism here is terrible but Simon handles himself well.  The comments about “isn’t there a better use for the money” is pretty stupid.

It is good to see something happening in NZ and hopefully we see more discussion on this in the media.


1. Damian - December 11, 2009

Oddly enough I agree with the sentiment of “isn’t there a better use for the money”. I don’t think NZ is in the same league as the US and I definitely don’t think we face the same issues as atheists here. I believe that religions shouldn’t be tax exempt when they are using money to spread their religion and that would be about the only reason I could think of to have a campaign such as this here but Simon didn’t mention this on the interview.

I reckon we’d be more effective putting our resources into funding critical thinking programmes in primary schools.

But, as I mentioned on the nogod blog, I realise that this is going to go ahead now anyway and I just hope that this doesn’t give a platform for religion (especially the Tamaki types).

2. Ian - December 11, 2009

It is about encouraging debate and actually that is something needed in NZ. The majority of NZ is pretty ambivalent about this stuff and I’d like to see that change just a little bit. Maybe this will help.

I thoroughly agree with you on the critical thinking in schools idea but that is a far bigger issue than any small fundraising campaign could deal with. Government should be doing that as a matter of course.

I kind of hope the likes of Tamaki jump all over it – they’ll make our point more quickly than anyone else would 🙂

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