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I can haz youtube video? June 17, 2009

Posted by Ian in Miscellaneous.
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Given the growing trend of educational and otherwise interesting videos on youtube I figured I’d have a go at it to see what I could do after I discovered Windows Movie Maker was included with windows. 

I was curious how easy it was to make a video and upload it to youtube and have had this idea floating around my mind based on a song by Pain of Salvation called Deus Nova where they count up human population since 10,000 BC.

There is no particular point to this video other than to make a video but what is the point of a blog if you can’t show off your creations? Actually I think it came out quite well in the end given how little effort it took but anyway here it is:


1. Damian - June 23, 2009

That’s cool Ian. Quite possibly the best combination of metal and graphs I’ve seen.

One criticism though: you’ve clearly got your figures wrong. The chart should start at 4000BC with two people. 😉

2. Ian - June 24, 2009

Is that the result of viewing lots of videos combining metal and graphs? 😉

I’ve already thought of two improvements (how do proper video makers ever get happy with their products?) I should have made the date appear separately from the data point so it matched the song better and also the music/image should pause longer on the final graph (for impact).

And dammit, I knew something about the numbers appeared wrong. There isn’t a big dip for the flood either…

3. Dale Campbell - July 6, 2009

(shameless dig)

…great video Ian! (that’s the honest bit)

…but it’s a bit anthropocentric, don’t you think? Why not measure the growth of the number of trees? 😉

4. Ian - July 6, 2009

Find me a song covering the growth in tree numbers and I’m all over it 😉

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