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Atheist Blogroll June 18, 2007

Posted by Ian in Miscellaneous.

FYI I’ve just signed up with the atheist blogroll. Jump in and check out some other atheist bloggers around the place:

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1. Des - June 27, 2007


Ken Perrott (Open Parachute blog) pointed me to your blog. I want to create a list of blogs by NZ for brights. I enjoyed your blog and would like to add it to my list.

I’ve recently started a NZ branch of The Brights and hope you will consider joining. If you are not aware of The Brights, check out http://www.the-brights.net. The movement is a loose grouping of people whose main aim is to push for a fair go for a naturalistic worldview and to push against the privileges enjoyed by the supernaturalistic worldview. If you’d like to join the NZ Brights, please contact me.

What is a bright?

A bright is a person who has a naturalistic worldview

A bright’s worldview is free of supernatural and mystical elements

The ethics and actions of a bright are based on a naturalistic worldview

A Brights Local Constituency is a local group dedicated to the aims and principles of the Brights movement. The NZ Brights group has been set up to support within New Zealand the three major aims of the Brights which you can find at http://www.the-brights.net.

You can support NZ Brights in a number of ways:

« by registering as a NZ Bright (www.the-brights.net) you increase our numbers and our lobbying power: politicians are influenced by numbers and at the moment those with a supernatural outlook seem to have the numbers in NZ

« by spreading the word “bright”: identify yourself as a bright at every opportunity in conversation, e-mails, blogs, letters to the editor, etc.

« by joining the NZ Brights group (http://groups.google.com/group/NZbrights) you stay in touch: this will help us counter the influence of the supernaturalists who are well organised, for the most part through churches

« by actively joining our campaigns through letter-writing, lobbying politicians, etc.

Hope you’ll join us.



2. Ken - June 29, 2007

You’ve been tagged, Ian. Visit http://openparachute.wordpress.com/ for the rules.

3. Anonymous - October 23, 2007

If you wish to promote other atheist blogs ‘in principle’, putting Mojoey’s code into a post will provide instant ‘authority’ to all the atheist blogs. This suggestions stems from the fact that Technorati no longer recognizes sidebar blogrolls, but only posted urls.

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